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Our restaurant serves food for 12 months of the year. We serve food by pool in the summer nights’, also all day in the garden during the summer and in our closed area during the winter.
We only use seasonal organic fruits and vegetables from Misafir Evi garden’s and villagers’ garden. Our meat comes from Kaya Köyü live stock which is fed on Kaya Köyü’s mountains. We only use extra virgin cold press olive oil which is produced locally. We also support local livelihoods through our purchase of village produce.

We buy our organic products soley from local villagers. Our breads are made from locally produced wheat and oat flour.
Village rustic bread

Starters (Mezes)
A selection of home produced olives

Hot starters

Main courses
Special chicken with our own sauce, meat (lamb, beef), casseroles, grilled food.

Baklava and kadayıf (like sweet shredded wheat!) with cream cheese in syrup, Milky rice pudding, pastries, fruit flavoured ice cream and fruit.

In our garden restaurant.
Village rustic bread
Village butter
Home made pickle vegetables
Seasonal salads
Home made village yogurt
Meal of the day
Seasonal vegetable cooked in clay were served with rice or bulgur.

Wire dough with cheese in syrup, Milky pudding, Baklava, pastries, fruit flavoured ice cream and fruit.

Suitable for row food.